Gay Men's Sexuality and Relationships

A discussion group that is strictly focused on sexual topics and relationship issues related to being a gay or bisexual male. The group meets each Thursday from 7:30p.m. – 9:00p.m.  Please contact the facilitator prior to attending this group at

Come Talk with Other Men about Gay Male Sexuality and Relationship Issues in a Safe, Confidential and Supportive Environment:

  •  Anyone over the age of 18 is welcome.
  •  No relationship status restrictions – both single and coupled guys are welcome.
  •  Both HIV-positive and HIV-negative men are welcome.


  • Thursday evenings from 7:30pm to 9:00pm at the SASG House (NOTE: Please plan to arrive a few minutes early if it is your first visit to the group, or the house, so the facilitator can cover some basic housekeeping and ground rules with you.)


Your questions, concerns and experiences related to the ways in which you explore and express your gay sexuality as well as the ways in which your sexuality impacts the ways in which you relate to partners, friends, family, coworkers and others in your life.

WHAT WE DO NOT DISCUSS (there are other groups specifically focused on these topics):

  •  STD-related health problems
  •  Medical/medication management issues
  •  Aging/retirement-related issues
  •  Financial issues
  •  Employment issues
  •  Substance abuse (unless it relates directly to impacts on your sexual performance and relationships)


  • Call the SASG front desk at (206) 322-2437 from 12-9 pm Monday through Friday for general questions regarding this group or any other group at SASG.

Sample Sexuality Topics to Guide Group Discussions:

  •   Safe sex  
  •   High-risk sex
  •   Flirting skills/techniques
  •   Sero-discordant couples
  •   Social media and dating
  •   Self-esteem Issues
  •   Shame about sex
  •   Sexual intimacy issues
  •   The sexual implications of maturing as a gay man
  •   Drugs/alcohol as it relates to sex and relationships
  •   Labels – “gay”, “bi”, “straight”, etc.
  •   Stereotypes about gay male behavior
  •   Trust issues
  •   Alternative sexual behaviors
  •   Diversity
  •   Pornography
  •   Friendship before sex
  •   Bodily fluids
  •   Condoms
  •   STD issues and implications – testing, resources, differing cultural attitudes
  •   Exhibitionism
  •   Hygiene issues

Sample Relationship Topics to Guide Group Discussions:

  •   Coming out to friends.
  •   Coming out to clients and business colleagues
  •   How do I join and become active in a community that’s not exclusively gay?
  •   Family relationships (coming out, rejection, gay siblings, loss, etc.)
  •   Spiritual relationships
  •   Open relationships – definition and rules
  •   Porn as a substitute for human relationships
  •   How do I meet men outside of the bars?
  •   What is “my crowd” and where do I find them?
  •   Where do I fit in the gay community?
  •   Loneliness
  •   Dating techniques/questions
  •   Ageism in gay dating and sex
  •   Isolation
  •   Lack of truthfulness in relationships


Type of group: